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How to Care for Your Feet


Your feet carry the rest of your body most everywhere it goes, and you only get two of them. To make sure your feet will serve you well in the future, take good care of them today by following these suggestions.

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3 Reasons to Have Your Child's Feet Examined


Although the problems are not always obvious, your child could have foot problems that need to be treated by a podiatrist. Foot problems in children are difficult to pick up on since their gait is naturally different from an adult gait. Even walking on the toes all the time can be normal in very young children.

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Five Common Causes of Foot Pain


When your feet hurt, you don't feel like doing anything. Just getting out of bed can be difficult, let alone exercising or standing all day at work. Some people suffer through foot pain for years, trying countless at-home remedies but never really getting rid of the pain completely.

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