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Common Feet Ailments

Greenville Podiatry Associates PA has served the Greenville, South Carolina, area since 1986 and we have treated a wide variety of foot problems over the years. Some cases are simply bizarre, but mostly the same ailments seems to occur among our patients. Here is a list of the common feet ailments we encounter in our practice.
Athlete’s Foot-A fungal infection of the skin on the feet.
Ankle or Foot Tenderness-Usually caused by a strain or injury of some sort, but sometimes appearing as an unexplained pain.
Ingrown Toenails-Occurs when the toenail grows into the nailbed surrounding the toe, causing swelling and pain.
Bruised or Broken Toes-Toes that become broken, bruised, or hurt by a mechanical injury or accident.
Diabetic Feet Problems-A variety of ailments and conditions related to diabetes such as nerve pain.
Foot Puncture or Cut-A wound inflicted to the foot that pierces the skin, causing bleeding or tissue damage, requiring stitches or wound management.
How many of these common foot ailments have you encountered? We hope that you will consider Greenville Podiatry Associates PA for your podiatry needs. We are always welcoming new patients to our practice and look forward to meeting you soon!