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Five Signs You Have Planter Fasciitis

When you feel a sharp pain on the bottom of your foot, there is a chance you might be suffering from planter fasciitis. Although there is often no known cause, obesity, flat feet, a high arch, certain types of exercise and jobs that entail a great deal of walking or standing can often be contributing factors. Here are five signs that can indicate you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis:
  1. The foot pain is stabbing, and is typically more present right at the heel, although it may extend to the middle of the foot, and crops up over time.
  2. The pain is worse when you first start moving in the morning as the fascia, the tissue at the bottom of the foot, will be stiffer.
  3. Rather than being felt while exercising, the pain will typically be worse afterward.
  4. Plantar fasciitis pain can sometimes be felt after a long period of maintaining the same position, either sitting, lying down or standing.
  5. Climbing stairs can be particularly hard and painful.
If you are suffering from any of these signs and symptoms, it is a good idea to seek out a diagnosis so you can begin getting treatment and relief. For more information on how to discover if you have planter fasciitis and what to do about it, call Greenville Podiatry Associates PA.