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Signs You May Be Experiencing Arthritis in the Foot

Arthritis can occur anywhere in the body where joints are present, including your feet. Here are the various signs that indicate it is time to see a doctor for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Trouble Walking

You may experience discomfort while walking when arthritis is in your feet and toes. This pain can soon spread to the back and hips.

Locked Joint

When you have a locked joint in your foot, you will be unable to move your toes. Movement may be restored within a few minutes on its own, but you should see a medical professional if this persistently comes up.

Excessive Heat

Arthritis is also going to make your feet feel incredibly hot even when the rest of your body feels fine. This heat is typically accompanied by redness.

Clicking Noises

You are more likely to notice popping or clicking sounds coming from your feet when you are not wearing shoes. Pay attention to any strange noises coming from your feet. This is a sign the cartilage in your feet is beginning to deteriorate.