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Trusted Treatment for Diabetes-Related Foot Issues in Greenville

It is common for diabetics to experience foot issues due to high blood sugar, ulcers, neuropathy or other issues. At Greenville Podiatry Associates PA, we have offered diabetic foot care to Greenville-area residents for over 30 years. One common problem is diabetic neuropathy, a disorder that affects the nerves. It develops due to excess blood glucose entering the nervous tissue and causing nerve damage.
Those with the proper insulin care can experience peripheral neuropathy as well as people with poorly controlled diabetes. This disorder leads to a dulling of the protective senses, which reduces the ability to tell whether there is any pain, heat, cold or other issues.
Diabetic Foot Care

Care for Neuropathy, Skin Diseases & Charcot Foot

A lack of sense in the feet, as in diabetic neuropathy, can put patients at more risk of wounds, ulcers, infections and other problems. More minor skin issues, such as calluses or ingrown toenails, may go unnoticed, leading to skin ulcerations and infection. Without proper care, these can lead to a serious problem, possibly requiring amputation.
Diabetics might also experience skin diseases, including actinic keratosis, Kaposi's sarcoma, malignant melanoma, venous stasis and diabetic dermopathy. The treatment for these ranges from medication to removal. Another complication of diabetes is known as diabetic Charcot foot, which is a type of arthritis. It can develop in in one or both ankles or feet. The onset might be sudden or occur over time. Ultimately, this arthritis may cause a severe foot deformity, which could require surgery.

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If you have diabetes and start to have issues in your feet, it is essential you get help right away to prevent losing a foot. Call us today at 864-234-7370 to set an appointment with one of our doctors in our Greenville office. We serve residents of Berea, Magnolia Acres, Willow Heights, Mauldin, Gantt, Sans Souci, Parker and Anderson for all foot and ankle problems, including sports-related foot injuries.