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Caring Doctor Treating Heel Pain in Greenville

Since 1986, Greenville Podiatry Associates PA has served the Greenville area, helping with heel pain treatment and care for other disorders of the feet. At our podiatry offices, one of the most common ailments we see is pain in the heels. Many times this is due to plantar fasciitis, but some patients experience discomfort for other reasons, such as a heel spur. These occur from calcium deposits that cause a protrusion in the heel bone on the underside of the foot, and can coincide with plantar fasciitis or develop independently.
Common heel pain treatment includes medication to reduce the inflammation, special exercises, orthotics or surgery in some cases. People at risk of heel spurs include those who are runners, walk with an abnormal gait, wear incorrect footwear, are overweight, have diabetes, stand for most of the day, or have high arches or flat feet. The main symptom, which is similar to that of plantar fasciitis, is acute or chronic pain in the heel, especially in the morning or upon first standing after a long period of sitting.
Heel Pain & Treatment